Catch Me If You Can - National Tour

A new musical based on the popular film from the team behind Hairspray!

Aubrey Mae Davis on What It’s Like to Sing Catch Me If You Can’s ‘Dream’ Score

In the national tour of Catch Me If You Can, Aubrey Mae Davis plays Brenda Strong, the love interest to con man Frank Abagnale Jr. The actress talked to Broadway.com about the easy connection she shares with her leading man and singing her “intimidating” second-act solo.

“This is the true-life story of Frank Abagnale’s journey. It’s really exciting to convey this show’s message through a story that’s factual,” Davis said. “I’m working opposite a really incredible actor,” the actress said of Stephen Anthony, who plays Frank. “I find it really easy to connect with him.”

The musical, which shares the same source material as the popular 2002 film with Tom Hanks and Leonard DiCaprio, was written by the Tony Award-winning songwriting team Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman. The score features classic showtune-style numbers as well as jazz-infused songs. “Oh my God, it’s a dream,” Davis said of the show’s music. “It’s exciting, triumphant and heartbreaking all in two and a half hours.”

On the “heartbreaking” side is Davis’ 11 o’clock number, “Fly Fly Away,” which the actress called “a little scary” to tackle. “It’s intimidating because it’s such a popular, incredible song,” Davis said. “But in telling the story of it and living in that moment, it’s really moving.”

Catch Me If You Can follows the true story of Abagnale, a world-class con artist who passed himself off as a doctor, lawyer and jet pilot all before the age of 21. In addition to Davis and Anthony, the cast includes Merritt David Janes as Agent Carl Hanratty, Dominic Fortuna as Frank Abagnale, Sr., Caitlin Maloney as Paula Abagnale, Amy Burgmaier as Carol Strong and D. Scott Withers as Roger Strong.

The musical comes to the Orpheum Theatre from December 11 through December 16,

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