Watch Stagehands Clean the Orpheum Theatre’s Two-Ton Chandelier Back to Sparkly Perfection

How many men does it take to change a lightbulb? Even better, how many stagehands does it take to clean the Orpheum Theatre’s two-ton chandelier? The theater’s 15-foot-high lighting fixture was polished back to its shiny, new state over eight days in November by a team of five stagehands. The process involved lowering the chandelier and cleaning it by hand. Fun facts: the piece includes 187 light bulbs, 84 main candles and 12 candelabras with seven candlesticks on each one. There are 88 glass beads on each of the approximately 180 strands of bling. The intensive cleaning is done every five years. Click on the video below to watch the chandelier cleaning take place through time-lapse capture and see the fixture regain its sparkly luminescence. Then see it in person when Priscilla Queen of the Desert, the next show in the Broadway series, comes to the Orpheum Theatre from January 8 through January 13!

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